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Our Real Estate Title Services

Residential Closings

Your home is often the largest single investment that you will ever make, and that is why it has been our mission at Rounsavall Title Group, LLC to ensure that the closing process is as smooth, easy and efficient for you as possible. Our experienced attorneys, closing agents and professional staff are here to ensure that we provide the best customer service in the industry. We can conduct closings for any parcel of real property located throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. While our office is located within the City of Louisville, we have conducted closings from Paducah to Ashland, and all points in between. We also can conduct closings for any property located throughout the State of Indiana, with more states to come in the future.

We have worked extensively with lenders throughout the country, ranging from small, community banks to large institutional lenders, as well as thousands of individual sellers and buyers for several years now. But regardless of the size of the bank, the size of the purchase, or the size of the loan, every transaction we perform is of the utmost important to us; because we know it is of the utmost importance to you: our client. That is why every transaction receives the individual attention it demands and deserves.

We conduct closings for all types of loans – conventional, FHA, VA, rural housing, 203(k) and construction loans, just to name a few. We also conduct closings for individuals who simply wish to purchase parcels of property without a loan, simply using money they have saved over the years. Whether the purchase is for $1,000.00 or $1,000,000.00, it will get the proper thought and consideration it ought to have, for the size of the deal simply does not matter to us. Our experience and attention to detail ensures that your closings will be done right the first time.

“For Sale By Owner” transactions

Sometimes, buyers and sellers contact our office needing assistance to help them with the transfer of real property when real estate agents might not be involved in the process at all. In those cases, we can assist from contract to closing, whether it be helping the parties draft a contract that sets forth all of the terms of the sale that have been previously negotiated (or perhaps even reviewing the contract that has already been written) to performing the closing and transferring title to the property.

Commercial Loan Closings

Since our inception, our company has conducted countless commercial real estate transactions involving financial institutions, developers and other real estate professionals. Our staff has extensive experience closing these intricate transactions, whether they involve smaller, multi-family rental properties to large scale, industrial acquisitions. But it is important to note that our commercial practice embraces the same commitment to excellence upon which our residential practice was founded. Some of the services that might be necessary in a commercial loan closing that we provide include, but are not limited to, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) searches and the preparation of bills of sales, estoppel certificates and assignments of leases, all of which ensure that our client’s interests are properly protected.

Real Estate Investors

We have found that investors in real estate need much more assistance for a variety of reasons due to the very nature of the work they conduct on a regular basis. To that end, we work with numerous real estate investors throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky in all phases of their business, from the initial establishment of various holding companies, to the acquisition of their properties through the closing process, to the drafting of leases for tenants of these properties when necessary.

Lease Options and Contracts for Deed

As the Kentucky real estate market continues to evolve, two alternative methods of property acquisition and possession are through the use of lease options and contracts for deed. We can assist you by navigating you through both of these types of transactions, both by preparing the documents necessary to complete this type of transaction, as well as discussing with you the positives and negatives of each scenario.

Witness closings

We also conduct witness closings at either our office or another specified location for an additional fee. All of our Notary Publics are experienced witness closers, and each will get your loan papers executed properly and returned to you in a timely manner.